Prayer for Sudan Referendum
Prayer for Sudan Referendum

The Archbishop of Armagh has invited us to pray for the referendum in Sudan that takes place on January 9.

Sunday 2 seems the appropriate date for prayers to be offered for Sudan in advance of the forthcoming independence referendum.
Below is a prayer composed in consultation with the Sudanese church.

Lord God Almighty, King of kings, Creator and sustainer of all,
We cry to you for the people of southern Sudan as the date for the
completion of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement approaches.
You, Father, know their hopes and fears, you know their longing for a
peaceful referendum and a just and peaceful future,
you know the vested interests of some and the weakness and simplicity of
You also know the potential for violence and the hope in many hearts for an
established peace enabling Christians and others to live in harmony with one another.
By the power of your Holy Spirit grant that order, peace and justice may be
brought to all parts of southern Sudan and that all who love and honour you
there may live and work to your praise and glory.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen