Donagh Parish Treasure Hunt
Donagh Parish Treasure Hunt

A Car Treasure Hunt and Barbeque recently took place in and around the village of Glaslough. The weather was perfect for such an occasion, and approximately twenty four cars with their occupants participated and left the grounds of Glaslough Parish Church in relays.
Mr Roy McConnell and Mr Bertie McClure, from Aughnacloy, set the clues for the treasure hunt, and many of the competitors found the clues quite challenging. One certainly needed two good eyes and an acute brain to unravel the clues as they travelled along the countryside.
The participants returned to the Parish Hall and enjoyed a Barbeque followed by a variety of puddings, and when the last car returned the marking of the answer sheets took place.
The winner in 1st place was Alma Marshall and family, and in second place were the Spence brothers. Congratulations to those people who stuck with the clues and got most of them correct.
It was lovely to see so many families present not only from Donagh Group of Parishes but from Glaslough and the surrounding locality.
The main object was to raise funds for the running of the Scripture Union Bible Club that takes place annually during the summer in the village of Glaslough. This is an interdenominational event and caters for around one hundred children of Primary school age.
Thanks were expressed to all those who came on the evening and supported the treasure hunt and gave donations, and to the people who helped in any way whether helping with the organising or contributing food for the event. The event raised €500 which is an excellent result.