The Mothers Union in Clogher Diocese is “linked” with the Diocese of Wellington, New Zealand.

The President of the Mothers Union in Wellington, Mrs Perdita Bentall, visited the Diocese of Clogher lately and as part of her visit to the diocese she was given a warm welcome in Belleek Parish Church by the Rev Noel Regan and the members of Garrison, Slavin, Belleek and Kiltyclogher Mothers Union. Perdita had an opportunity to talk to the ladies informally over a cup of tea, in the Wark Hall, before the Church Service. Mrs Geraldine Beattie, Clogher Diocesan MU President and her husband, John, were also present.

During the Service, Perdita used a power point presentation to show some New Zealand landscapes, some photos showed the very high mountains covered in snow. Perdita also showed some Churches, including Wellington Cathedral and also her Mothers Union members, of which nine are men! Perdita also shared some photos of her family. She emigrated to New Zealand as a young woman in her twenties, after qualifying as a teacher of Domestic Science. Her boyfriend, an architect, followed her. They married and settled in Wellington. They have two sons and a daughter. One son is a veterinary surgeon, the other an orthopaedic surgeon and their daughter is a professional photographer in London.

Perdita made presentations to Clogher Diocese, to Mrs Geraldine Beattie, Diocesan President, and to the Belleek MU Branch. Revd Regan asked Perdita to take greetings from the Garrison Group of Parishes back to Wellington. The Branch Leader, Elizabeth Ovens thanked Perdita for her gift, her interesting talk and for sharing her experiences.

Perdita’s visit was hosted by Doreen Earls, Worldwide Representative in the Diocese and a member of Slavin Mothers Union, and Dr Margaret Knox, IMPC Contact and a member of Derryvullen North Mothers Union.

Before departing, members of the Trustee Body had a meal with Perdita in Enniskillen. It was interesting to exchange views and hear what the Mothers Union do in New Zealand. A presentation of a Belleek broach with shamrocks on it and a copy of the History of Mothers Union in Clogher Diocese, compiled by Valerie Stewart, was made by Geraldine Beattie, to Perdita.