Lisbellaw Mothers’ Union celebrates 60th Anniversary

On Tuesday 24th January 2012 Lisbellaw Branch of the Mothers’ Union celebrated its 60th Anniversary. This was well attended. In the absence of the Diocesan President, because of illness, certificates were presented by Mrs Valerie Stewart, Vice-President of the Faith and Policy Unit, to ladies who were members of the Branch for 50 years or more. Founder member Mrs Maude Nawn was presented with a certificate for 60 years.

Mrs Nawn had written a précis of the branch history. The branch was formed on Wednesday 30th January 1952 by the then Rector, the Very Revd R McTighe, Dean of Clogher. The founder President was Mrs W G Wilson, Secretary: Mrs Helen McTighe and Treasurer Mrs E M Creighton.

Mrs Nawn recorded that the fees agreed at that meeting was 4½ pence (old money) for each member to the Diocesan Fund and 1 pence for the General Fund!!

To mark 21 years, members presented a copy of the New English Bible to the Church.

On March 1st 1974 the Women’s World Day of Prayer was introduced to the district with the Service in the Parish Church led by the then Methodist Minister’s wife, Mrs A Sleath.

In 1987 members embroidered a linen table cloth which is used at each meeting.

In 1996 a Banner was dedicated by the Rt Rev BDA Hannon, then Bishop of Clogher. This banner was designed by the members and made by Mrs Jean McElroy, a branch member. The appliqué work was done by a German lady living in Leitrim, Mrs Maria Mechthild Mongel.

Following the meal Mrs Foster was given a Birthday Card as she was celebrating her 90th Birthday the following weekend.

The celebration cake was baked and iced by Jean McElroy and she had also made book markers to celebrate the occasion.

A wall hanging to hang in the Church will be presented at a Service to be held in March.