Archbishop reflects on Church of Ireland Gazette archives of 1990s


To highlight the Church of Ireland series of Archive of the Month for February, Archbishop John McDowell reflects on the 1990s editions of the Church of Ireland Gazette.

This is the last in our Borderless Church series, drawing from the back issues of the Church of Ireland Gazette.

The Borderless Church Project is the RCB Library’s contribution to reconciliation and deepening of understandings by freely sharing and making searchable as a digital resource the content of the Church of Ireland Gazette, the Church’s weekly newspaper, from 1856 to 2010, for a worldwide audience.

Written and read by lay and clerical members and others, the Gazette provides the longest running public commentary on the Church’s affairs. As such it is recognised as a valuable primary source for understanding the complexities and nuance of Church of Ireland and indeed wider Protestant identity, as well as the Church’s contribution to political and cultural life north and south, being an all island institution, with dioceses, parishes and other structures spanning the Border.

Drawing on this resource, the ‘Borderless Church’ series of six illustrated online presentations, challenges stereotypes by helping others to understand church reactions to events and developments, through the period from 1950 to 1999.

The series has been kindly sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs' Reconciliation Fund, and is available at; and this particular article is available at;