Treasure Ireland reminder of deadline for grant applications in January


The deadline for applications for the National Churches Trust's new Treasure Ireland Community Grants Programme is 25th January 2021.

The grants programme offers church buildings funding of between £500 and £10,000 for church maintenance or urgent repair work.

Following the receipt of applications at midnight on 25th January, the decisions on outcomes will be made in March.

Grants of between £500 and £10,000 will be made to successful projects on works projects of up to £100,000 including VAT and fees.

The eligibility criteria consists of;

* We will consider applications from listed and unlisted Christian places of worship, of any denomination located in Northern Ireland. To be eligible to apply you must satisfy the following criteria:

* You must have 50% of the funds required at the point of application

* Work must not have started

* Any necessary permissions must be in place

* The work must have been out to tender or you must have at least two quotes in place

* Work must be to the main church building or an attached hall

* The church building must have been constructed as a place of worship at least 30 years ago

* Places of worship must be open beyond worship at least 100 days

Further grants will be offered later in 2021 with the deadlines as follows;

1 June 2021 (for a decision in July 2021)

27 September 2021 (for a decision on November 2021)

The National Churches Trust has asked those interested to read the guidance notes containing the scoring criteria, advice on completing the application form, a list of supporting documents required and details of the terms and conditions of any grant award made.

All applications must be made online.

Decisions on all grant applications are made by the Charity's Northern Ireland Grants Committee comprised of experts from the church and heritage sectors. The Committee meets three times a year.

Decisions will be notified following the Grants Committee meeting.

From 2021 applications for projects under £12,000 will be considered on a rolling basis and you will know the outcome of your application within 6 weeks of submission. Applications for projects over £12,000 will still be considered by the Grants Committee in the normal way.

Further information can be obtained from the following link;