Appeal for church bells in Republic of Ireland to ring out on National Services Day


Churches throughout the Republic of Ireland are invited to join in celebrating National Services Day on Saturday September 5.

The event is organised to honour and show solidarity with frontline services. The organisers are asking that church bells around the country ring out at 3pm on Saturday to help mark the occasion and show appreciation for frontline emergency and security services.

The initiative is being supported by the Archbishop of Dublin.

The theme of this year’s celebration is ‘Remembering with Dignity’. The commemoration takes on a new significance this year with the turmoil of the pandemic. It will remember all those who have died from Covid 19 and their grieving families, all who became ill from the virus and all frontline workers who have so bravely fought the virus.

On Saturday, September 5 there will be a small ceremony in Collins Barracks, Dublin, to mark National Services Day.

Because of Covid restrictions this will only involve 15 people. Nationwide, however, local services such as Garda stations and fire stations, will mark the day at 3pm. The organisers are appealing to parishes throughout Ireland to ring their church bells at that time to show solidarity with their local services and frontline workers and in remembrance of all who have suffered as a result of the pandemic.

Chairperson of FESSEF and National Services Day, Seamus O Neill, explained that the restrictions on gatherings mean that they have decided to limit those attending the ceremony in Collins Barracks to a representative group of frontline workers but that the day will have a nationwide impact.

“By ringing the church bells the Church will show solidarity with frontline workers. Indeed, many Anglican priests and ministers were engaged in their ministries by attending the sick and officiating at funerals. The churches will unite with the Air Corps, who are expected to do a fly over; with motorists who are being asked to honk their car horns at 3pm; and with emergency and security services locally up and down the country who will remember appropriately,” he stated.