Church services mark VE 75th anniversary


A V-sign between St. Macartin's Cathedral and St. Michael's Church.

Online church services across Clogher Diocese this Sunday will mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe either through prayers or appropriate hymns.

One of those marking the event will be Dean Kenneth Hall, of St. Macartin’s Cathedral, Enniskillen which will be live streaming the Sunday morning service at 11am through their website,

Seventy-five years ago this weekend, the bells of St. Macartin’s Cathedral rang out to announce to the people of Enniskillen that the Second World War had ended.

Sadly however, the bells cannot be rung this time as it needs a team of bellringers and it is not possible because of the current restrictions over Coronavirus.

During the live steaming of the service on Sunday, Dean Hall will make reference to the VE commemoration in his greeting, in prayers and in his sermon.

During the service there will be a message from Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant for Fermanagh, Right Honourable Viscount Brookeborough KG.

Hymns sung by Jayne McKinley at Sunday’s service will include; “Praise my Soul, the King of heaven,” I vow to thee my country,” “Lord of the church, we pray for our reviewing” and “Nearer, my God to thee.”