New digital dimension to St Patrick's tour


On the 20th of August, St Patrick's Cathedral is launching a new digital exhibition called Tales from our Timeline. This exhibition tells stories from the cathedral's life and history and will include videos, pictures and text. All of this new content is available on the Cathedral's website, and will also be accessible to visitors within the building itself.

The Cathedral has embraced new technology to provide more information without compromising the visitors' experience and enjoyment of the structure and fabric of the building. Andrew Staunton-Smith, Education Officer for the Cathedral explains : "We want our visitors to engage fully with the building and its history, but we didn't want simply to put up more large panels of text which would spoil the natural beauty of the space. We decided to create the new videos, text and graphics on our website enabling visitors to use smartphone technology to scan barcodes (called QR codes) around the building which link to the relevant areas on the site."

The new material can also be explored directly through the website