Diocesan Readers will be ordained as Deacons


Abraham Storey and Colin Brownsmith.

Two Diocesan readers in Clogher Diocese, familiar to many congregations will become some of the first in the Church of Ireland to be ordained as Deacons following their training for Ordained Local Ministry.

Abraham Storey and Colin Brownsmith (pictured) will be ordained to the Diaconate by the Bishop of Clogher, Right Revd John McDowell at a service in St. Macartin’s Cathedral, Enniskillen on Sunday evening, 15th September.

They will then spend a further year based in a parish before being ordained for the Priesthood.
Both Abraham and Colin are being ordained after year one because they were both experienced Diocesan Readers.

The Church of Ireland, along with the Methodist Church in Ireland, has been developing training for Ordained Local Ministry (OLM).

An ordained local minister will not be an incumbent of a parish but will be someone who can exercise some leadership role within a local congregation.

Both Abraham and Colin have thanked their families and friends for all the support they have received during their training. Abraham thanked his wife, Gertrude and Colin thanked his wife, Flora Olivene (Olive) as well as all those who have encouraged them including Bishop John McDowell and their tutors.