Bishop of Clogher pays tribute to Sir Anthony Hart


Sir Anthony Hart with the Bishop of Clogher Right Revd John McDowell.

On learning of the death of Sir Anthony Hart this morning, the Bishop of Clogher, the Rt. Revd. John McDowell said: “I heard of Sir Anthony’s death with shock and great sadness. A very proud son of County Fermanagh, he acted as Chancellor of this Diocese for 25 years, offering successive bishops advice and counsel on a wide range of affairs. He was at the end of the phone at all hours of the day and night and as a person of wide experience, deep legal knowledge and unshakable integrity his advice was beyond price.

“I had the enormous privilege and advantage of having Sir Anthony as a parishioner in St Mark’s, Dundela in the Diocese of Down where he was a member of the Select Vestry and a Trustee, where his support and encouragement were invaluable. Above all I remember and give thanks for a life of public service, great commitment, love of family, tremendous fun, and a deep but unshowy devotion to God and His Church.

“The prayers of Sir Anthony’s many friends and colleagues in the Diocese are with Lady Hart and the whole family circle”.

“Sir Anthony died this morning in London after a severe heart attack. He was a well-known and respected high court judge in Northern Ireland who, in his retirement, led the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry with professionalism and sensitivity.”