First Young Drivers Awareness Event in Northern Ireland takes place in church hall


The multi-agency team with the young drivers and MU members at Rossorry Hall.

A multi-agency team comprising the PSNI, Fire and Rescue Service and the Accident and Emergency Department from the South West Acute Hospital in Enniskillen presented a hard hitting workshop for young drivers in a church hall.

The first Young Drivers Awareness Event in Northern Ireland took place in Rossorry Parish Hall, hosted and facilitated by Rossorry Mothers' Union and Jonny Phenix, Clogher Diocesan Youth Officer.

The minor hall was transformed into an Accident and Emergency Department while the main hall was staffed with Fire and Rescue personnel and PSNI officers showing the impact of road accidents. Outside, a specially developed crash car simulator showed the occupants what it is like to experience the graphic details of a serious road crash.

Now it is hoped this pilot scheme will be rolled out across Northern Ireland to make young drivers aware of the hazards on the road and to help cut the number of deaths and serious injuries from road accidents.

Around 18 young people attended this first pilot scheme. They were given briefings from an A & E Consultant, doctors and nurses from the A & E Department what takes place once a patient from a road crash arrives at the hospital. The medical staff went through all the protocols and procedures that would take place in a real life emergency, using similar equipment and sounds and using a medical mannequin as the road crash victim.

The crash car simulator is fitted with interior screens and along with smoke effects, sound, flashing lights and sudden movements of the car from air rams, mimics a crashing car.

The Fire and Rescue Service provided virtual reality headsets which allowed the young people to see what a car crash scene might look like.

The PSNI also briefed the young drivers on road law and showed them a video where those involved in road accidents spoke of how their lives had been changed.

This was a great example of outreach to the local community by a church group which can only improve the lives of our young people.