Parish representatives attend Charity Accounts Seminar


Attending the Charities Accounts Seminar in Enniskillen

Over 85 parish representatives from Clogher Diocese and some independent examiners attended a Charities Information evening held in St Macartin’s Cathedral Hall, Enniskillen on Thursday, 19th October 2017.

Archdeacon Brian Harper welcomed everyone to the event and opened in prayer.

Some of the parish representatives attending the seminar.

Kate Williams, Head of Finance in the Representative Church Body, gave a powerpoint presentation on the new requirements for accounts and annual reporting in Northern Ireland.

Kate provided very detailed responses to the number of questions which were asked during and after the presentation.

Dean Kenneth Hall thanked everyone involved and closed the proceedings.

The Diocese wishes to thank Kate for her excellent presentation and the information which she provided.

Parish representatives listen to the speeches.

The audience attending the Charity Accounts Seminar.