Church of Ireland parish praised for ‘friendship and goodwill’


The Church of Ireland community of St. Maeldoid’s in the parish of Muckno, Castleblayney have been praised for their “ friendship, goodwill and generosity” for allowing their Roman Catholic neighbours use their church premises for the next year while their church of St. Mary’s is closed for major renovations.

Father Pat McHugh, Parish Priest of St. Mary’s thanked Revd Neal Phair and the Select Vestry of St. Maeldoid’s in Diocese of Clogher, during his address at the end of the first daily Mass held in the Church of Ireland building this week.

He said: “We thank God for the blessing of this day and particularly for the friendship and goodwill and generosity of the Revd Neal and the Select Vestry and all others who have worked with us for this day. We also want to acknowledge the help of John Montgomery(Churchwarden).”

Revd Neal Phair, in his remarks to the first parishioners to attend Mass in St. Maeldoid’s, explained how delighted he and his parish were to share the church.

'We in the parish are delighted to share this Church of St Maeldoid, St Maeldoid very symbolically being the Patron Saint of the Castleblayney area. I hope through time you will feel at home here and I know that this will be a very enriching experience for myself and my parishioners as we worship together for the next year,' he said.

Revd Phair read the Gospel at the first Mass.

St. Maeldoid’s will host the usual Church of Ireland service on Sunday mornings at 10am and then the parishioners from St. Mary’s will meet in the same church for their Mass at 11.45am. St. Mary’s parishioners will also attend Mass at 10am during weekdays.

Father Pat McHugh Parish Priest of St. Marys and Revd Neal Phair

Father Pat McHugh Parish Priest of St. Marys and Revd Neal Phair