CMS mission partners to speak about project in Kenya


Mission Partners with CMS Ireland, Ronnie and Maggie Briggs, will be speaking about the work they are involved in with the Development Department of the Diocese of Kajiado in Southern Kenya at a special Kajiado Focus Event in the Cathedral Hall, Enniskillen, next Thursday, 6th April at 7.30pm.

Working under the leadership of Bishop Gaddiel Lenini and Development Co-ordinator, Ven Naftaly Lemooke, they are involved with numerous projects such as cattle, goat and sheep-breeding, women's empowerment training and school construction.

These practical works go hand in hand with the spiritual ministries of the church, as the good news of Jesus is shared both in word and deed.

The Diocese covers an area larger than Northern Ireland south of Nairobi reaching to the border of Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro. The population there are predominantly Maasai, who traditionally herd animals for a living and the climate is very arid - with rains only falling for five months of the year. In the long dry season, water becomes scarce and the women are forced to walk long distances to the few places where it can be obtained.

In response to this need, Ronnie is working hard to repair a large number of water conservation tanks at Oltiasika Maasai Rural Training Centre. These tanks are crucially important for the 3000 people who live in the immediate area.

Two other current priorities are the installation of girls' toilets in three primary schools in Oltiasika (part-funded by a donation from Portora Royal School) and the extension of a dormitory at Oloosuyian Girls Secondary School near Kajiado town.

CMS Mission Partners Ronnie and Maggie Briggs.