St.Macartin's Cathedral clock keeps time once again


One of Enniskillen's most striking landmark features, the clock in the tower of St. Macartin's Cathedral is now keeping time once again.
The clock had been out of action since December 2015 and has been given a major overhaul. As well as keeping the right time, it is also chiming every quarter of an hour.
This particular clock was installed in 1935, replacing an earlier model and was the gift of Mr. William Weaver, a property owner, stationer and newsagent in Darling Street, Enniskillen.
The clock was made by Smith of Derby which has now upgraded it.
The clock has been converted to an auto winding system which removes the need for regular manual winding. As a result of the upgrading it will keep time during periods of power failure.
For the benefit of those living in the town, a chime silencing system has been installed in the clock which means that the clock will be silent during the night from 10pm until 8am the following morning.
The select vestry of St Macartin's Cathedral said they are deeply indebted to those who have made the repairs possible by their generous donations.

The clock on St. Macartin's Cathedral