Irish Council of Churches holds AGM in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin


From the Commission for Christian Unity and Dialogue of the Church of Ireland:

The Annual General Meeting of the Irish Council of Churches (ICC) was held in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin on Thursday 7th April 2016. During the meeting the Rt Revd John McDowell, Bishop of Clogher, was elected and installed as President of the ICC.

The following resolution was also adopted by all present.

Irish Churches' Affirmations on Migration, Diversity and Interculturalism

We affirm our commitment as Christian Churches:

1. To recognise and appreciate cultural and ethnic diversity as gifts of God, and to ensure that these gifts are reflected in the life of the Church.

2. To foster faith communities where the rights of each person are respected and where scope is provided for each person's potential to be realised.

3. To work towards inclusive communities, paying particular attention to addressing racism and xenophobia in attitudes, actions, practices and policies.

4. To explore and adopt ways of worship, systems of administration and other structures so that they fully respond to and reflect the Church membership.

5. To defend the rights of migrants in accordance with international and national laws and standards on migration.

6. To advocate for the rights of all migrants, and in particular their right to family life.

7. To support and assist migrants in appropriate, practical ways in their efforts to integrate in Church and society.

8. To establish networks with migrant-led Churches and chaplaincies by fostering co-operation and collaboration with them in providing pastoral care and support to migrants.

9. To seek the development of appropriate services for migrants and to draw attention to the need for public services generally to be responsive to the circumstances of migrants.

10. To work together as Churches and to network with people of other faiths and none to promote a greater understanding between denominations and other faiths and none, ensuring the growth of a society based on respect, dignity and equal rights for all its members.

The Church of Ireland is a founding member of the ICC, which was established in 1923. For more information please visit:

Members and guests attending the Annual General Meeting of the Irish Council of Churches in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.