Bishop Harold Miller's The Desire of our Soul - A User's Guide to the Book of Common Prayer Reprinted


A reprint of The Desire of our Soul - A User's Guide to the Book of Common Prayer by Bishop Harold Miller has just been released and is available to purchase from The Book Well online Christian bookshop. The book is a companion to the Church of Ireland 2004 Book of Common Prayer. In this guide, Bishop Miller leads the reader through the different services in the Prayer Book, especially the ones newly introduced in 2004. He enables the reader to understand something of the meaning of the liturgies, the reason why they are as they are, and the way in which they can provide the people of God with words which can deepen both public and personal devotion.

The publication also includes a series of charts laying out the structure of many of the services, and a set of questions at the end of each chapter which may be used for group discussion or personal reflection. As was said by the publishers at the time of the first print-run, When both spirituality and understanding come together, rooted in the Bible, then the worship of the people of God will be attractive and compelling. This book may be one of the helps on the way to that goal.'

This reprint of The Desire of Our Soul is an initiative of The Book Well in conjunction with the Church of Ireland Literature Committee and the General Synod Royalties Fund. The book will appeal to general readers, churchgoers and students alike. The book costs 14.99 stg and is available via: or contact The Book Well by emailing or telephoning +44 (0)75 811 43596 or calling at 73 Belmont Road, Belfast BT4 2AA.