Day of Prayer for Young People and Youth Ministry


The Church of Ireland will be holding a Day of Prayer for Young People and Youth Ministry across the island on Sunday, 7th February.

Last year's day of prayer was the first of its kind and a number of dioceses featured prayer spaces, worship services and prayer and pancake' parties which were attended by people of all ages. At each of these events, the focus was on praying for the needs of young people and for the youth leaders and ministries that serve them.

The event has been pioneered by the Church of Ireland Youth Department (CIYD) and is supported by the Archbishops and Bishops of the Church. Parishes are encouraged to use CIYD's resource pack to organise their events on the day or another Sunday if that is more convenient. The pack contains a selection of prayer ideas that can be used during a service, with some for praying aloud and others as a stimulus for silent prayer or a more interactive form of prayer, including writing and drawing.

These can be used during the Prayers of the People or in any other way that those leading services may consider appropriate. The aim is that the prayers would simply slot in and be part of the rhythm of the worship on that day. Alternatively, CIYD would be delighted to send packs to individuals who would like to join in prayer at home and indeed to anyone who is simply curious about prayer.

Resource packs are available from Amy McCrea, Youth Ministry Development Officer, at