Talks on Being Anglican'


Many of us in the Diocese of Clogher are Anglicans because that is the Church we have been born into or married into. Some have become Anglicans by conviction and others still have found a spiritual home in one of our parishes without thinking of themselves as anything other than simply 'Christian'. I hope that all are made welcome! Although it may be a little less easy to define for Anglicans than for some other Christian traditions, Anglicanism has a definite identity, which varies from Province to Province but can be summed up in certain ways. As you may have heard our Bishop saying from time to time "we do not claim that the Anglican way of discipleship is superior to other ways, but simply that it is our way". The Bishop's hopes his talk will help outline what is the distinctive contribution we bring to the treasury the Universal Church and to our vocation as individual disciples and as communities of faith.


St Macartan's Cathedral, Clogher: Tuesday 2nd February at 8.00pm
St Macartin's Cathedral, Enniskillen: Tuesday 16th February at 8.00pm
The Cassandra Hand Centre, Abbey Street, Clones: Tuesday 23rd February at 8.00pm

The Dean and Chapter are hosting these events and extend a warm welcome to all parishioners throughout our Diocese of Clogher to any one of three talks. The Bishop will give the same address in three different venues to make travelling easier but anyone is welcome at any venue.