MU - A Celebration of Faith


The theme for 2016 is "A Celebration of Faith"

Turning Faith into Action

The following is an extract from the Annual Review 2014/15 published by Mary Sumner House. The Review is a very interesting account of the work and projects carried out by the MU throughout the world. If anyone would like to read the complete review please get in touch -

Parenting Programme

Mothers Union has been supporting parents since 1876, with programes that enable them to become good confident parents. In 20 countries of the world members are trained as facilitators of parenting groups. These groups enable those with the responsibility of caring for children to discuss the challenges they face, share their experience and learn ways to deal with sensitive issues.
Over the last year, as well as training new facilitators to expand our impact, we also focused on continuing to support and refresh the skills of our existing network of parenting facilitators.
Refresher training was carried out in Argentina and Guyana and rather dramatically in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands during the middle of Cyclone Pam!

Campaigning against social injustice - Tackling gender inequality and gender-based violence

We believe women and men should enjoy equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. Where women are discriminated against, whether through social constructs or law Mothers Union will speak out to bring about change. In at least 18 countries in 2014, our members carried out campaigns that informed women of their rights and advocated that communities which promote women, are stronger societies. Gender-based violence has been a key theme for campaigning during the year with 32 national Mothers Unions taking part in campaigns. Many took part in the international 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence Campaign. Through public rallies, church services, speeches, vigils, literature and social media Mothers Unions called for an end to violence against women and girls. In BURUNDI Mothers Union used national radio and TV to raise awareness. A beneficiary of our Literacy and Financial Education Programme was given the opportunity to voice the concerns of women in her community at a 16 days event, demonstrating that our programmes not only help people to gain skills but also to develop awareness of their rights and give encouragement to women to participate in advocating for change.

Helping families facing adversity

This year our Relief Fund enabled Mothers Union and churches to bring relief to displaced or struggling families in Tanzania, South Sudan, Iraq, Nigeria, Guinea, Sierra Leone and the Philippines. An estimated 25,000 people were provided for.

In many area of the world our members are active in supporting people in prison, and families whose lives are impacted by imprisonment. In developing countries Mothers Union take in food and clothing and spend time with prisoners in prayer. When prisoners have their children in prison with them, members do all they can to improve conditions for the children, providing blankets and fruit and vegetables to supplement the prison diet.