Colaghty Parish Concert


Thiepval Memorial Pipe Band

An evening of musical extravaganza was the experience at the concert featuring Thiepval Memorial Pipe Band from Convey, current Champion of champions and Supreme champion of champions in Grade 3b in 2014, with the band now competing in Grade 2 in 2015. They were supported by Glassmullagh Accordion band, Blue Thistle Highland dancers, together with Rebecca and Grace was a huge success. The packed audience enjoyed an evening of musical excellence in piping and drumming, accordions and singing, enhanced by the highland dancers who had a range of ages and abilities on stage.

Thiepval Memorial Pipe Band

Thiepval opened the concert with a mix of great piping tunes, many familiar traditional tunes played by the local pipe bands together with a range of other tunes, and some less known, 3/4 and 6/8 marches. With a mix of slow airs, solo's and a magical drum salute by three talented young drummers. They brought the evening to a close as they showcased their MSR for the Grade 2, 2015 competition season.

The local Glassmullagh accordion band impressed the packed audience with a repertoire of well-known marching tunes and a waltz and jig performed by Stacey Moss, which thrilled those listening.

Glassmullagh Accordion Band

The Blue Thistle Highland Dancers from Drumquin did a range of dances including the sword dance, with various ages of girls taking part from novice through to competition level.

The Blue Thistle Highland Dancers

The Blue Thistle Highland Dancers

Rebecca and Grace brought their particular style of music as they sung a few Scottish pieces, among them Flower of Scotland, Caledonia, and the Dark Island where they were accompanied by Pipe Major Alyson McKnight.

Rebecca and Grace accompanied by Pipe Major Alyson McKnight

The compere for the evening was Mr Wesley Graydon and with his witty comments, jokes and recitations kept the audience entertained between acts, ensuring the smooth running of a very successful night.

Compere Mr Wesley Graydon

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks are due to our artists, compere and all who helped with the preparation before and after, and to those who supported the concert financially.