Kesh Rural Deanery Social


Cast your mind back to when you used to be able to hear the rush of wind in your ears when you ran, when you bounced if you fell on the ground and being breathless lasted all of about ten seconds. Energy was an abundant commodity and its expenditure was just so much fun. Forget how hot and red you used to get. Being young and energetic was a wonder world of fun and enjoyment.

If you had stepped into St Tighernach's church hall at Derryvullan North, Irvinestown on Friday 14th November night to see the young people of the Kesh Deanery enjoying their Social evening all these thoughts would have flooded back to you. The wooden floor was like a drum beneath their feet. The air warm and heavy but filled with screams of laughter and joy. This was a scene of joy and exuberance. Led by the very capable Blair Boys from Kesh the young people enjoyed the Samba, Hoky Poky, Rock the Boat, Waves of Troy, The Bus, Long Way to Tipperary and of course Musical Chairs to name but a few.

When it seemed that the fabric of the building could take no more and even the night air was pulsating with the sounds of fun and laughter relative stillness and silence descended as thirsts were quenched and supper consumed. Now there was a chance to talk without having to shout above the hubbub. A time to catch up with friends, but above all to wait expectantly for the call to take partners once again.

And off the whole evening went again. The volume and gusto of this social only being exceeded by the enthusiasm of these young people. By 10:30pm even the best and most eager had needed to sit out a number of two if only to enjoy watching friends having fun.

The bus engine to take everyone back to their parishes broke into the still night air. Tired, weary but delighted teenagers climbed its steps or tumbled into family cars. In a matter of minutes the usual peace and tranquillity descended on Irvinestown. Within the hall youth leaders stood talking. The Blair Boys with energy still to pack away their gear and to stop and speak with the small groups as they reflected on such a great evening.

Special thanks are due to Lindsey Farrell and the Comet Youth leaders who hosted the event but also to all the other leaders and their young people who supported the evening. It was particularly encouraging to see the Revd Canon Glenn West and Revd Alan Irwin attending and assisting throughout the evening. Visibility and participation like this does much to encourage both our young people and their leaders.

We all look forward with expectation to seeing the Kesh rural deanery hosting their CDYC youth event in the new year!

The Blair Boys