Making History Talk - Understanding World War I


Public event with Paul McFadden (former BBC Radio Foyle journalist) & Prof Roddy Cowie (QUB - Retired)

Issued on behalf of County Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge, Clogher Diocese (Church of Ireland) and Enniskillen Presbyterians and Methodists

On this island we are remembering crucial events in our history one hundred years ago. An important public event for all parts of the community will see former BBC journalist Paul McFadden and Prof Roddy Cowie (retired QUB Professor of Psychology) look at the impact of World War I.

Making History Talk - Understanding World War I has arisen out of dialogue that has taken place between County Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge, the Church of Ireland diocese of Clogher, as well as Enniskillen Methodists and Presbyterians. Out of this dialogue has come a desire to organise a series of public events that will promote greater understanding and good relations in the community.

In 1914 most people simply didn't see the First World War coming. Even now, one hundred years on, historians cannot agree on why it happened. What everyone can agree on is that the Great War had a unique impact on the lives of many millions of people and that it's effects are still being felt today.

This is particularly true of this island because the ideas and events that led to the creation of the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland - one might say the creation of two Irelands - were greatly affected by the war and it's outcomes. In Ireland we are perhaps the only country in Europe still arguing about the same subjects that we argued about in 1914.

Like other events in that decade the memory of the First World War strikes deep chords in us today. Bishop John McDowell said "This event is about helping each of us to take deep breaths, to try and understand what was going on the mind not only of our own community but in the minds of the other' during this key moment of our history - an attempt for each of us to walk in the other person's shoes for a moment".

Grand Master of County Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge Stuart Brooker said, "It is a mark of confidence to voice our own views of history. It is an even bigger mark of confidence to take time to hear another person's viewpoint on the same events. It is not about agreeing or disagreeing but about increasing understanding - this is the pathway to good neighbourliness".

Making History Talk will take place on Tuesday 30th September in The WV Suite, The Westville Hotel, Enniskillen. It will begin at 7.30pm and admission is free. All sections of the community are warmly invited.

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