Mothers' Union All-Ireland Leadership Conference


On Friday 7th March seven members from the Trustee Body of Clogher diocese set off to An Grianan, Termonfeckin, Co Louth to the All-Ireland Triennial Conference. Following a meal the All-Ireland President, Phyllis Grothier welcomed everyone and especially the Worldwide President, Lynne Tembey and the All-Ireland Chaplain, Dean Raymond Ferguson. The conference was for Diocesan Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, the four unit co-ordinators and the Young Members representative. From Clogher, Diane Whittaker, Anne Armstrong, Ivy Edwards, Myrtle Allen, Lynn Winslow and Barbara Clarke attended. Susan Cathcart (Trory branch) was also welcomed as she takes over her new role as All-Ireland Treasurer. Margaret Crawford attended as All-Ireland Indoor Members representative and also as temporary Faith and Policy co-ordinator in the diocese. The focus of the Conference was to Encourage, Enthuse, Equip and Empower' members.

In her address Lynne Tembey said how pleased she was to be invited to the Conference and continued to say how it was very pleasant to be the head of such a wonderful organisation. She looked upon her membership as a gift and said she thanked God for opening the door 35 years ago to becoming a member and her journey since has been one of fellowship and fun. In her travels in the last 15 months she has met some amazing people at work for the Mothers' Union. Lynne told us to not think of ourselves as a has been' and to feel proud to be in this organisation. She referred to the bravery of the Founder, Mary Sumner who saw a need adding that the need is necessary more than ever today. The evening concluded with the Women's World Day of Prayer' service.

Saturday morning started off at 8.00am with a Prayer Walk followed by meetings and workshops concluding in the evening with an Epilogue and a time of great craic'. This certainly was the case when the 4 All-Ireland Vice Presidents did a sketch where a couple thought they had arrived at Family Planning' when it fact it was the Planning Office'!!! Each diocese participated providing entertainment. Clogher's contribution was the singing of I give my hands to do your work' and a few entertaining poems.

Sunday morning commenced at 8.00am with worship, breakfast, feedback session and Holy Communion Service. After lunch everyone headed home feeling they had a wonderful weekend of fun, fellowship, excellent home cooking, very comfortable accommodation and above all feeling enthused to continue the work of Mothers' Union. Lynne Tembey who encouraged us throughout the weekend was the icing on the cake' with her warm and endearing personality. She said she looked forward to returning to Ireland, to the General Meeting in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast in June.