Ardess National School Centenary celebrations


Ardess National School in 1960's

Smiles of recognition, puzzled frowns, squeals of delight and fond embraces were just some of the emotions experienced as a large crowd of people gathered in Ardess Parish Centre on Friday 21st February 2014 to celebrate the centenary of Ardess National School 1914-2014.

Entering via the former school, people were able to view a slide show incorporating many photographs of their school days and read on display comments and emails from former pupils unable to attend.

The assembled company were then treated to a sit down meal followed by entertainment. This got underway with a talk given by local historian Mr Johnny Cunningham on The Irish National School System. This was followed by a sketch entitled "Coming Home". Music was then provided by Ardess Accordion Band. The entertainment concluded with a poem entitled The Auld Days'. Many people lingered to renew old friendships and relive the past, bringing to an end a very successful evening.