MU Diocesan President's Address


Dear Fellow Members

It is difficult to think that we are at the start of another year in the Mothers' Union calendar.

Thank you for your support and care for the Mothers' Union over the past year, and especially to me as I attempt to come to grips with my role as Diocesan President. As we start this New Year, it is wonderful to remember that God is with us at all times, not just as we remember the God made flesh in the incarnation of his Son, Jesus, but throughout our journey into a New Year, - to shepherd us, to guide, direct, even to rebuke us, but still, like a loving parent to welcome us with loving and caring arms when we need forgiveness.

"Thou shall call him Emmanuel" - God with us, so spoke the Angel to Joseph. He is with us; he understands what we are going through, whatever that may be; he not only sympathises with our pain, he empathises with every situation.

May you each be aware of his presence and peace in 2014 and at all times, and may we all be aware of his guidance as we "Sow the future together", our theme for 2014.

Yours in Christ


Dr Margaret Knox Diocesan MU President