CMS Ireland Diocesan Event


The annual CMS Ireland Diocesan evening took place on Wednesday 13th November 2013. The Revd Brian Harper, Chairperson of RSG, welcomed all present and opened the meeting with a reading from Micah ch. 4 and a prayer.

There were 24 persons present representing 7 parishes. The team was led by Jenny Smyth, former Mission Partner, and now Partnership Co-ordinator with CMS Ireland, responsible for DR Congo, Egypt, South Sudan and Zambia. Her role is also to facilitate and develop links between Church of Ireland parishes and Global Partners.

Jenny also mentioned 2014 as the 200th Anniversary of CMS Ireland. A programme of events was available and a special Anniversary Calendar 2014. She then introduced the special guests for the evening, Ann and Pearl. These ladies were part of a MU Team from the Derry & Raphoe Diocese who went on a META trip to Madi West Nile, Uganda.

They told of their experiences visiting schools, Sunday Schools, the Hospital and industrial workshop. They were impressed with the commitment and devotion of the leaders despite so many difficulties, and those people were so full of happiness and joy as they praised the Lord. Both ladies felt it was a wonderful experience and often found their faith tested being out of their 'comfort zone'.

Supper was served by the RSG Committee and there was also a chance to browse around and purchase from the Marketplace stall.

It was a very worthwhile evening and gratitude is expressed to all who attended and to Gillian who accompanied the singing.

The next event is a Prayer evening focusing on the 200th anniversary taking place on 11th December 2013 in St Macartin's Cathedral Hall, Enniskillen at 4.00pm.

Jenny Smyth and Revd Brian Harper

Walter Pringle and Jim Kerr

Some people who attended the event