Ardess Parish Auction 2013


Ardess Parish Auction is taking place this year on Saturday 26th October at Kesh Community Centre. The cake sale begins at 12noon and the auction begins at 1.00pm. In addition to the normal household garage and farm items that you will find at any auction we also have all the usual stalls from bric-a-brac, and 'white elephant'. A few years ago the idea of pledges were introduced into the auction where people will donate new items or skills and abilities they have that are also auctioned off. The list people gives a list of the type of things that will auctioned off as pledges and as you can see from the list they are far reaching and very varied from a weeks holiday in a Spanish villa to the drawing of a set of plans for a house to your design (with no size limit). If anything on this list interests you then please do come along to the community centre in Kesh on Saturday 26th at 1.00pm and make your bid.

Stay one week in a luxury Spanish villa (sleeps six) between Easter and the end of May, subject to availability.
12 lots of 10 bags of quality ash firewood
5 x 1yr old ewes
Architectual plans for new house or renovation
2 car tyres
2 weeks dog training
5 hrs hedge cutting
Servicing of grasscutting machine to value 30
30 bags sticks
Servicing of grasscutting machine to value 30
30 bags turf
One 9 foot portable clothes line
beef animal to be sold in 6 equal parts
Tractor trailer load of sticks
6'x4' car trailer load of sticks
Meal voucher to value 50 for Sizzling Stone, Kesh
6 bags coal
The Hearth Cottage shop 25 gift voucher
Spa Package for 2 people mini facial / shower / hot tub, back massage, Light meal (value 120)
100 gallons home heating oil
Neck, back and shoulder massage (value 20),
Reflexology treatment (value 25),
Back, neck & shoulder hot stone massage (value 30)
Christmas Cake
Personalized picture bearing verse of scripture
Sunday lunch for 2 at the Hunting Lodge
Call and scan up to 10 cows to the value of 60
Pet pamper - wash cut and blow dry for young dog
Antique Piano