Rossorry Parish offers Choral Scholarships


Rossorry Parish Church is delighted to offer five choral scholarships for the academic year 2013/14. The scholarship is designed to enhance the already fine music tradition of the parish, to augment the choir and to broaden and develop the musical ability of the scholars. The bursary is provided by the parish in order to develop the scholar's musical knowledge and talent, preferably in the form of singing lessons with a reputable singing teacher. The candidate may already have a singing tutor, or lessons will be provided by an approved tutor. Also included in the scholarship are a year's piano/organ/theory lessons, with the Director of Music.

Rossorry is unique as being the only Parish in the Diocese of Clogher to offer such a programme, as well as being one of only a small number in the entire Church of Ireland.

Mr Nathan Barrett

As Nathan Barrett, Director of Music, explains "The choral tradition in Rossorry dates back for many decades but over the past number of years the choir has gone from strength to strength and grown substantially in numbers. Although with over twenty members currently in the choir stalls, we are always delighted to welcome new members".

Over the past year Nathan has been focusing on developing the choir as a whole but also as individuals, with new and challenging music planned for the coming year. Most members of the choir have completed the first stage of a training scheme with the Royal School of Church Music, with the first round of awards due to be presented next month.

Nathan added, "I believe the choral scholarships are the next step on our development path; it will be a great experience for the choir, the scholars and for me! The fact that we can offer a programme like this with so many benefits for so many people is fantastic. I am very grateful to the Select Vestry for their enthusiastic support of this new scholarship scheme. The scholarships are open to anyone, young and old, who have a singing ability and a real enthusiasm to develop their talents'.

If you are interested in applying for the scholarship and would like to receive an application pack please phone Nathan on (028) 66320239 or email