Derryvullen South Parish holds 'Spud Bear' event


An event took place recently in Derryvullen South parish hall, Tamlaght, to raise money for a ministry to children. It is a branch of Missionary Aviation Fellowship. It began when the representative in Northern Ireland (Colin Davies), who used to be a pilot of a commercial airline, joined the Fellowship flying to inaccessible regions of the world to bring medical supplies or other needs along with spreading the Christian Gospel.

On one occasion he gave a child who was ill a teddy bear. When the little girl heard that he came from Ireland she asked, ' Is that where they grow potatoes?' and he said 'yes - we call them spuds in Ireland'. The girl said, 'then I will call my bear 'spud bear''. Shortly after the child died. Colin now brings teddys to children in need including teddy bears designed to speak verses of scripture.