Statement from the Bishop of Clogher regarding Clogh Parish Church


'It is a cause of real sadness that at this time of year when Christians of every tradition in Ireland are preparing to remember the Cross and Passion of their Lord that a tiny group of people should cause such disruption around Clogh Church of Ireland parish church.

Their heartlessness has caused real difficulty at a time when the farming community is already stretched because of appalling weather at lambing. It now seems likely that they have also prevented a small community from offering their service of worship to Almighty God in their parish church on Maunday Thursday. I suppose they will consider that to be an achievement.

However nothing will prevent Christian people from celebrating the reconciliation that was achieved by the Cross and Passion, nor our joy and hope in the Resurrection. And nothing will prevent us from putting into practice the power of God's reconciling love in this part of County Fermanagh.'

The Rt Revd John McDowell, Bishop of Clogher