Easter Dawn Communion in 'God's Acre'


Each Easter morning parishioners of St. Finbarr's and friends gather before dawn to walk around their graveyard and then celebrate Holy Communion. The graveyard was given to the parish in the late 1800's by Canon Moffett, the then Rector, on the understanding that it would be called God's Acre.

The poet Longfellow refers to this phrase as an ancient Saxon one:

'I like that ancient Saxon phrase, which calls
The burial-ground God's-Acre! It is just;'

Jesus admonished the disciples for looking for the living Lord among the buried dead but the Moravian Church saw a value in following the steps of the women who came to dress the Lords tomb on the early morning and learned that he was truly risen. Using Form 2 Communion we adopt some aspects of their celebration to relive the excitement of their discovery.

The service beings on the 31st March this year at 6.30am under the trees in God's Acre near the roundabout on the Dundalk Road.

Carrickmacross Group of Parishes
St. Finbarr's Church Carrickmacross