'Meeting God in Books' - Lent 2013


The Grouped Parishes of Clones, Killeevan, Newbliss and Currin are holding a series of talks for Lent 2013. Theme: 'Meeting God in Books'. This year our focus for Lent is on Christian books and thoughts that have given the reader an everlasting impression. Our speakers this year will share how the content of these books and thought have provided personal inspiration and guidance in their Christian life. We look forward to listen to personal reflections and insights that will stimulate our thinking and understanding of some central Christian beliefs. During the course of Lent we will contemplate the cross, the cost of discipleship, God and suffering, the missionary imperative, only to mention a few thoughts. Our speakers come from Cork in the South to Newcastle in the North, some are lay, others ordained, and they all have in common their belief in the God, being members of the Church of Ireland as well as taking a delight in reading.


Sunday 17th February - Clones Parish at 10.00am and Newbliss Parish at 11.30am
'No Handle on the Cross' by Kosuke Koyama: Koyama (died 2009) was a Japanese Protestant theologian who challenged the readers of this book to consider the shape of the cross, how it is carried and how we relate to our own cross. Speaker: Revd Canon Helene T.Steed

Thursday 21st February - Cassandra Hand Centre, Clones at 8.00pm
'The Cost of Discipleship' by Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Bonhoeffer (executed 1945) was a great German Lutheran pastor, theologian and martyr who defied Hitler and Nazism. This book is centred on the Sermon on the Mount and Bonhoeffer spells out what he believes it means to follow Christ. Speaker: Dr Ursula O'Donovan.

Thursday 28th February - Cassandra Hand Centre, Clones at 8.00pm
'The Shack' by William P. Young: This Christian novel is about a father of five, Mack, whose youngest daughter is abducted and murdered by a serial killer. The book tells about Mack's subsequent conversations with God, known as Papa. Speaker: Revd Dr William Olhausen.

Thursday 7th March - Cassandra Hand Centre, Clones at 8.00pm
'The Decisive Hour of Christian Mission' by John R. Mott: The opening of the twentieth century was a time of fervent concern for mission. Individuals were inspired by the slogan: Evangelisation of the World in this Generation, a phrase coined by Mott. This evening highlights the urgency of mission. Our focus is on the sharing of the Gospel and our missionary duty that follows from being a Christian. Speaker: Revd Dr Canon Ian Ellis.

Thursday 14th March - Cassandra Hand Centre, Clones at 8.00pm
'Beyond the Wardrobe: the Chronicles of Narnia': These seven wonderful story books by the famous C. S. Lewis, tell the story of four children's adventures in the imaginary country of Narnia. Lewis numerous traditional Christian themes pre-eminently the struggle between the good and evil and these stories are considered classics of children's literature. Speaker: Rt. Revd John McDowell, Bishop of Clogher.

Thursday 21st March - Cassandra Hand Centre, Clones at 8.00pm
'Finding God in literature': Faith has always been an immense and sometimes dangerous subject for writers. In the Christian tradition elements of religious observance are included in works by Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Dostoevsky and Charlotte Bronte. This evening we will find God in some well -known and some less well-known books. It is all about discovery! Speaker: Ms Mary Leland.

This series is part-funded by a grant from Church of Ireland Priorities Fund.

For more information contact Canon Helene T. Steed on 047 56962 or email

All Warmly Welcome!