Clogher Diocese RSS Feed Facility


The latest Clogher Diocese news stories are now also published via its RSS Feed. Whenever a new news story is added to the website, it is also added to the diocesan RSS Feed. Anyone subscribing to the diocesan RSS Feed service will get the news story, or stories, whenever they launch their RSS Feed Reader. Only the first 1,000 characters of each story are available through the RSS Feed, so if you want to read the full story, click on the story title in the RSS Feed to see it on the diocesan website. Also, the RSS Feed only contains text so to see photos and images, you need to go to the website by clicking on the title of the story in the RSS Feed.

Click on the link below for full details of the RSS Feed facility, how to subscribe to the Clogher Diocese RSS Feed service and how to get a RSS Feed Reader if you don't already have one.