CMS Ireland Diocesan Evening


The CMS Ireland Diocesan Evening took place on 14th November in the Cathedral hall, Enniskillen. A number of members present, representing various parishes. Mr Jim Kerr welcomed all present especially the speakers Ronnie Briggs and Kelly Yates from the CMSI office, and also Bishop John McDowell. The devotional was led by the Revd Brian Harper.

The theme for the evening was 'Mobilisation' within CMSI - how small beginnings led to great achievements - examples cited were from Nepal, Nairobi and Burundi. Kelly also spoke about 'Marketplace' and how it began, again from a small beginning. A sale of various items from the stall raised funds.

The annual Project 2013 will feature Southern Sudan, with the date of the presentation being announced later.

The evening concluded with supper served by the RSG Committee.