Wells Project and Youthlink - Diocesan Youth Ministry Training


Last weekend saw the completion of the third OCN Youth Work level 2 training course for voluntary youth leaders in the diocese. This most recent course was aimed specifically at those working in youth ministry. They were mostly drawn from the new Wells project ministries but also from established ones as well. In total there were over 30 leaders on the course with 16 from our diocesan youth ministries and the remaining 16 from the Catholic diocese.

Unlike previous courses this recent course was taken over three weekends instead of two which allowed for much needed time not only in the delivery of the course but also in its assessment and diversity. Whilst this had meant a bigger demand on the candidates it was felt that the extra commitment was well worth the cost and effort.

The Youthlink OCN courses have been made available to our youth leaders on a fully funded basis. This is a very significant saving to the diocese as the cost per candidate would have been in the region of 300 with the residential cost of 500. We have been very fortunate to be able to avail of the funding for boarder area youth work that Youthlink have partnered with us. We have already managed to provide a Youth Ministry Conference in October and this third training course has yet again improved the quality of our youth ministry work.

OCN Diocesan Youth Ministry Leaders with their tutors and assessors

Jonny Phenix 19th Nov 12