New AccessNI Application Pack


A new AccessNI Application Pack is now available on the Safeguarding website for the Church of Ireland at AccessNI Safeguarding Church of Ireland ( The form has been revised to give clarification on roles applied for and includes an updated list of identity validation documents.

The process for completing an AccessNI application has not changed.

Applicants should complete the AccessNI process through the NI Direct website and should print off the new form from the website, sign it and give it to the Incumbent or Panel Member to countersign. The Incumbent or Panel Member must see the applicant’s original identity documents and send photocopies of the documents along with the application form by post only to:

AccessNI Administrator, Floor 2, 18-22 Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is regulated activity?

A: Regulated activity is defined in legislation to focus on those working most closely with children and with adults at risk of harm or in need of protection. A new document has been added to the Safeguarding website AccessNI Safeguarding Church of Ireland ( to give clarification for Incumbents and Panel Members around the criteria for regulated activity with children and with adults at risk of harm or in need of protection.

Q: Can the old forms still be used?

A: The old form has been removed from the Safeguarding website and you should now direct applicants to the new form on the website. If you have the older forms printed off, these will be phased out and will be accepted until the end of August 2024. From 1st September 2024, only the new forms will be accepted.

Q: The new form is formatted so that it can be typed on. Can the form be emailed to the AccessNI Administrator?

A: It is recognised that some people prefer to type information rather than complete a form in handwriting, so the new application pack has the functionality to be printed off and handwritten, or to be typed and then printed off. Either is acceptable but ultimately the application pack must be printed off and manually signed by both the applicant and the Incumbent or Panel Member. The printed application pack, plus copies of identification documents must be posted together to the AccessNI Administrator at the address above. Applications will not be accepted by email.