Clogher representatives travel to Wexford for General Synod


Bishop Ian Ellis and other bishops walk in procession to the pre-Synod service.

The General Synod of the Church of Ireland opened this morning in Clayton White’s Hotel, Wexford in the Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory.

The Synod continues tomorrow (Saturday) with further online evening sessions next week to complete the business.

A large group of representatives from Clogher Diocese travelled to Wexford for the opening day of the event which began with a Service of Holy Communion in St Iberius’ Church, when the preacher was Bishop Adrian Wilkinson, who leads the Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory.

Archbishop John McDowell giving the Presidential address.

The Presidential Address was given by Archbishop John McDowell who made reference to how the church had emerged from lockdown due to the pandemic. He said the church had came through this period better than they had anticipated though not without scars.

He praised the dedication of Church of Ireland people and also outlined the work of pioneer ministry, pilgrimage and civic involvement.

His full address is attached in the link below.

Some of the Clogher Diocesan representatives attending the pre-Synod service.

Archbishop Michael Jackson leading the service.

Delegates arriving for the service in St. Iberius Church Wexford.

Revd Andrew Quill and Revd Henry Blair arriving for the General Synod in Wexford.

The pre-Synod service in St. Iberius Church Wexford.

Presidential Address