MindMatters COI summary research report now available


The MindMatters COI summary research report is now available to read at the link below or on the website:

This report shares the findings from the survey with the response to each question in the appendices.

The findings show that the church needs to prioritise four areas:

- Promoting connections
- Reducing stigma
- Exploring the role of clergy and the supports and training that would be useful for them
- Exploring the role of faith in promoting positive mental health

Now that the MindMatters team has a better understanding of the Church’s attitudes and awareness of mental health, they are developing the next steps. With this in mind, they are going to roll out mental health awareness training in late January, with an invitation to apply for seed funding opening in late spring.

The team has thanked everyone for their support with the MindMatters COI project in 2021 and look forward to working with everyone in 2022.