Observance of Remembrance Sunday


The Liturgical Advisory Committee (LAC) of the Church of Ireland has issued advice in relation to the observance of Remembrance Sunday.

A Bill passed by the General Synod in 2017 introduced specific calendar provisions for use on Remembrance Sunday. This Bill placed the lections into the Calendar on a specific liturgical Sunday (the Sunday between 6th and 12th November). 2021 is the first year in which it has become apparent that this provision is not comprehensive. Remembrance Sunday takes place on the second Sunday in November; this may be the Sunday between 6th and 12th November or the Sunday between 13th and 19th November.

Where parishes are planning around Remembrance Sunday, those making plans are encouraged to use the Remembrance Sunday lections on the Sunday most appropriate in their local context, which this year in most, if not all, cases will be Sunday, 14th November, the second Sunday of the month.

In due course, a new Bill will be brought to the General Synod to correct this anomaly.