Bishop's Address to Diocesan Synod 2012 part 2


.......continued from Bishop's Address to Diocesan Synod 2012 part 1

The provision of ministry, lay and ordained in the Church of Ireland, will undergo many changes in the years to come. We simply cannot justify and sustain the current structures. Change will be slow no doubt, because we do not have the mechanisms for fast change. Unfortunately tonight tonight we have been unable to get a flavour of the enormous contribution which our Youth Development Officer has made, and I want to add my thanks to Jonny Phenix for all he has done and to assure him of our prayers. I want also to thank his incredibly patient wife Janet who shares his passion for the mission of God's Church and who is in effect an unpaid assistant, advisor and soul friend. Janet we are very grateful.

One of the most important people in the life of a Bishop, especially a new Bishop and in a Diocese where he has not served before is his Archdeacon. Put simply it would have been absolutely impossible to have survived this first year without the gentle encouragement and wisdom of Archdeacon Cecil Pringle. We have not always agreed on every detail but Cecil's depth of experience and his modesty have been crucial to the past twelve moths. Cecil I am very grateful.

I must also acknowledge the invaluable help of the other elected officers in the Diocese, not least the Honorary Secretaries who have been the very soul of patience and assistance as we have struggled through some difficult problems. The registrar also has fair grounds for complaining about my many demands and infuriating inexactitude, but he never does. Many thanks to Canon Stewart for the most unsung role in Diocesan life. Thanks also to the staff of the Diocesan Office, Glenn, Ruth and Ashley, for always being willing to go the extra mile.

The Church of Ireland is organised rather like an Army regiment. There is the platoon or parish in which strong fellowships are formed and much of the really important work is done. There is the Diocese or battalion which has to make decisions that affect all, but cannot possibly please all. And there is the Central organisation of Bishops, Standing Committee and Representative Body who have a difficult task in trying to provide strategic direction for a highly diverse body in an ever changing world. At times it is like trying to herd ferrets at a cross roads.

For the whole operation to work, we need to have loyalty to all three strands in the structure, and it is with confidence that I feel I can say that we in the Diocese of Clogher do just that.

I said in my first speech last year that I would certainly be the cause of annoyance to some of you. In that at least I was correct. However, my first year, under God, as your Bishop has been for me a year of new beginnings, endless opportunities and very warm welcomes. For all these I give thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ, your God and mine.

Revd Sampson Ajuka

Revd Chancellor Stanley Bourke

Diocesan Synbod 2012

Diocesan Synod 2012

Diocesan Synod 2012

Mr Albert Hamilton

Diocesan Synod 2012

Revd Chancellor Stanley Bourke

Revd Robert Kingston