Covid-19 guidance for parishes on both sides of the border


Current state public health guidance for places of worship and other activities is available at the following links for each jurisdiction.

• Republic of Ireland:
• Northern Ireland:

Guidance is subject to further approval or other advice that may be considered appropriate by the diocese.

Capacity limits for services in the Republic, including weddings and funerals, are available at on the page highlighting public health measures in place right now.

Guidance for voluntary and community activities in Northern Ireland, including youth and children’s ministry, is available at this link:

The Church of Ireland Youth Department has published Forging Ahead advice for youth leaders and workers for returning to youth work activities, which covers planning ahead, programmes, practicalities for indoor and outdoor gatherings, and ideas for activities to bring youth people back together. For more information, click here:

Please check the websites above to ensure that the guidance used by your parish is sourced from the most recent version.