Clogher Diocesan Mothers Union

Clogher Diocesan Mothers Union met recently for its Spring Diocesan Council.

The Secretary reported that there were 842 members in 35 branches in the Diocese, with 4 million members in 81countries worldwide.

The Mothers Union in Clogher Diocese continues to be active, supplying the Women’s Refuge with overnight bags etc, and knitting cardigans and hats for the neo-natal unit in the Erne Hospital. Trauma teddies continue to be a comfort to children attending the Accident & Emergency also in the Erne Hospital. Members have also sewed baby mattresses for the NNU. For many years Mothers Union members have knit blankets for those in need and last year was no exception. Blankets of various sizes and colours were given to the Tilery and Millcroft Nursing Homes and, for the first time, were also distributed to Help the aged and Salvation Army.

The theme for 2012 is Real Relationship.

Wilma Connor, Diocesan Treasurer: Geraldine Beattie, Diocesan President and Diane Whittaker, Diocesan Secretary

Date: 22nd May 2011