music update 2011
New Supplement to Church Hymnal seeks your input

Proposals for New Supplement to Church Hymnal invited/sought

It is now 16 years since the contents of the Church Hymnal were decided upon, and over 11 since it was published. The music sub-committee of the Liturgical Advisory Committee has been tasked with the responsibility of monitoring developments in hymnody, and searching for suitable material to put together a supplement to the hymnal published. The committee is now exploring the possibility of producing a modest, low-cost supplement to the hymnal and has been working at this over the last year.

New hymns and songs are constantly being written and there is a growing corpus of music which is becoming well loved and which greatly enriches the worshipping life of the church. There are also some areas where the provision of the hymnal could be strengthened, particularly in material suitable for children, young people and liturgical music that is readily sung by all.

The committee would like to consult as widely as possible throughout the Church of Ireland, and we would invite suggestions of items for inclusion from organists, musicians, choir members, clergy, and members of the Church of Ireland. This is your opportunity to give suggestions for consideration in this new publication.

Submissions to be made as soon as possible (preferably before the end of September) to the secretary of the sub-committee:

Peter Thompson (Revd)
St Michael’s Rectory, 66 Main St, Castlecaulfield, Co Tyrone, BT70 3NP

Date: 5 May 2011