Bishop Electoral Council
Episcopal Electoral College for Clogher to Meet in Armagh on 4 May

The Church of Ireland Episcopal Electoral College for Clogher, meeting today in Church House, Armagh, failed to appoint a new Bishop.
The decision now passes to the House of Bishops, which will meet in due course.

An Episcopal Electoral College convened by the Archbishop of Armagh, The Most Revd Alan Harper met today, Wednesday 4 May 2011, in the Synod Hall, Church House, Armagh, to elect a new Bishop of Clogher. The see became vacant following the election of The Most Revd Dr Michael Jackson as Archbishop of Dublin in February.

The Episcopal Electoral College consists of the Archbishop of Armagh, who presided, and representation from the Bishops of the Church of Ireland and Clerical and Lay representatives from Clogher and other Dioceses in the Northern Province. After attending a service in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh, the college met and conduct its deliberations in private.

The college could have elected a current Bishop, or a Priest (male or female) over 30 years of age to the vacant see.

As the college was unable to reach a decision, the appointment will pass to the House of Bishops. Following appointment by the House of Bishops, the Bishop-elect will be consecrated (if not already a Bishop) and subsequently enthroned in the Cathedral churches of the Diocese on dates to be determined.