Bible recorded
Summer Madness Bigbibleboo at Ardess

Local young people gave the Bible a new voice on St Patrick’s day with an innovative audio recording. Every year a large group from Ardess Parish in Kesh attend Summer Madness at the start of July.

As Ireland’s largest Christian festival, Summer Madness, wanted to celebrate St Patrick's Day by producing an audio version of the entire Bible using young peoples' voices from across the island.

Summer Madness Director, John Kee said: “This year is the 400th anniversary of the King James version of the Bible and our vision is to highlight that the Bible is as relevant to young people today as it was 400 years ago.

Young people from across Ireland will record a chapter from the Bible on The Ardess group read chapters from St Matthew. Summer Madness then compiled it into one complete audio Bible that featured young people from all locations, backgrounds and denominations in Ireland and is freely available to anyone to download or listen to online. It’s a brilliant way to celebrate St Patrick’s heritage in a unique and contemporary fashion.”

Newly appointed Clogher Diocesan Youth Officer, Jonny Phenix added: “It is so encouraging to see young people wanting to engage in this way with the Bible. Like their elders they appreciate the timelessness of its message and the power within its pages. I look forward to listening to the finished product and especially to hearing Fermanagh voices embedded in its tones.”