Norman Graham
Norman Graham honoured

On Sunday the 7th November the Bishop, the Rt Revd Michael Jackson, took advantage of the large congregation gathered in St Molua’s Church, Drumsnatt, to pay tribute to a faithful parishioner Mr Norman Graham. Norman became a Church Warden in the Parish at the age of 22 and continued in this capacity for 58 years before retiring this year. His faith and dedication to the Church, where he was christened and confirmed has been in his eyes a labour of love. He quietly carried out his duties with great care and attention. Sunday by Sunday he would be there to open the Church, have the heat on and ring the church bell for the services. He has given great help and support to the rectors and has been involved in many other aspects of church life. He also took a keen interest and enjoyed the friendship with the group churches in Aghadrumsee and Clogh. Norman's dedication has been greatly appreciated not only by rectors and congregation alike but during the vacancy by those who have been involved with the parish as part of the Diocesan Ministry Team, who have all greatly appreciated the friendship of Norman and the willing and ready help that he offered to each of them. It’s not a case that he has ceased to be in his seat Sunday by Sunday, simply that he has handed over the reins to the younger generation, yet is present each week ready to be of assistance and to share with them his experience and knowledge. The Bishop called on Norman to accept with his good wishes a Diocesan Plaque in recognition of his loyal and faithful service to the Parish but above all for his diligent devotion to the Church of God.

Mr Walter Pringle Diocesan Reader and Pastoral Assistant, Canon Robert Riddel, Team Ministry, Mr Norman Graham, Bishop Michael Jackson and Revd Helene Steed, Rural Dean, in Drumsnatt Parish Church