Art and Craft in aid of Biblelands Egypt Challenge
Art and Craft in aid of Biblelands Egypt Challenge

The ART CRAFT and more event recently held at Ardess Parish Centre in Clogher Diocese successfully raised nearly one thousand pounds for Biblelands Egypt Challenge which Dorothy Pendry, a member of Ardess Parish, has signed up to.

Members of Ardess Art Society put on a lovely show of their work. Spinner, Bridget Maguire, demonstrated her craft, and many commented that “it's great to see a spinning wheel in action”. Wayne Hardman came with two simple looms for would be weavers to try. All the other stalls; cakes, plants, books and bric-a-brac were well stocked and were kept busy.

Biblelands is a Christian agency that supports and resources Christians in the lands of the Bible as they serve the needs of poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged people, through education, health care and community development. Biblelands works in partnership with local Christians to respond strategically and effectively to the changing needs of the region and it's people, regardless of their faith or nationality.

Egypt Challenge begins with a visit to St. Catherine's Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai. Then a transfer to Cairo to help with a short term project at St. Andrew's Centre for Displaced Persons, at present they are mostly from the Sudan. On returning home Dorothy plans to be able to tell others about the conditions in this part of the world and the work which is being done there.