Sending a snapshot of 2007 forwards in time
First Macartan 1500 time capsule finds home at Belleek Pottery

Archbishop Josiah, Mr Maguire (Belleek Pottery), Fr Lonergan, Bishop Jackson, and Rev Regan with Belleek school children

It is not everyday that an event celebrates 150 years, or 1500 years for that matter but last Friday (8th June 2007) an event took place which encompassed both occasions!

Pupils from St John the Baptist Primary School, Roscor and Belleek Primary School, Corry gathered at Belleek Pottery to bury a time capsule for the future.

It was an opportune time for the event to take place as Belleek Pottery currently celebrates its 150th Anniversary), and the Macartan 1500 Project commemorating 1500 years since the death of Clogher Diocese's patron saint - St Macartan. This innovative project is part financed by the European Union through the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation and managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by the Northern Ireland Rural Development Council (RDC).

Children from both schools have been preparing material for the Time Capsule as part of their joint project on St Macartan since the beginning of the term and items which have been sent forward in time 50 years include DVDs, children's toys and books, and recent local and regional newspapers.

Pupils also included a fashion magazine to document the current trends as well as a copy of a magazine on computers and accessories to illustrate changes in technology. The Clogher Diocese contributed information about the Macartan 1500 Project and a plaque. Belleek Pottery also contributed a commemorative 150th Anniversary ornament with inscriptions of the names of the two schools and the Macartan 1500 project.

Pupils included a description about themselves and their aspirations for their future profession. Some children also described their hopes for the future of Northern Ireland and beyond describing their concerns about global warming and desires for peace.

Present at the ceremony was special guest of Clogher Diocese, Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon, Archbishop of Kaduna in Nigeria who praised the children for all their hard work. Also present was Bishop of Clogher, Bishop Michael Jackson, Revd Noel Regan and Fr Lonergan.

Kellie Beacom, Project Co-ordinator for the Macartan 1500 Project commented, "The children from both schools had put so much work into their contribution to the time capsule. I told them that they were to write the 8th of June 2057 into their diaries because we are to all meet for the unearthing of the time capsule. I neglected to mention that I will need to bring my zimmer frame!"

Archbishop Josiah and Bishop Jackson assisting at Belleek Pottery

9 June 2007